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Databoxes[булагын оңдоо]


Did you read this message?

The idea is to create very simple infoboxes which use wikidata. For instance (in french-speaking wikipedia), the wikicode {{Infobox Biographie2}} create this kind of infobox: fr:Béatrice Vernaudon-Coppenrath. With a picture: fr:Albert Ducrocq (wikicode here). Most of the content come from wikidata (d:Q2831133).


It could be usefull here in ky:wp, to put on stubs like Кук Жеймс. I think it could actually improve them. Do you think it is a good idea ?

If you think it is, there is some wikimedians who are ready to discuss it at wikimania (in july in Cape Town) and after at the WikiTech Storm in november.

Of course they cannot do anything without the kyrgyz-speaking community's agreement and your help. At least, the templates and the names or the properties on wikidata have to be translated to kyrgyz language.

Feel free to say what you think of this project.

Best Regards --Chaoborus (баарлашуу) 06:28, 22 Май (Бугу) 2018 (UTC)